Texas Summer

Hey Guys! happy Thursday.
Summer is almost over and I couldn't be happier. Summers in Texas are excessively hot and humid so we are OVER IT!
Can't wait for cooler weather butttt.. guess what?? In Texas summer last until December 25th. No lie I remember so many Christmas using short sleeves on Christmas eve!
  But while it last we try to enjoy it at it fullest since Bella will only be 15 months one time.
How do we do it?
Here are some tips!
1. Hang out in our swing in the AM.

2. Stay at the pool and drink lots of POWERADE. (And snow cones)

3. Splad pads all day!


4. Afternoon car rides (walks) 

5.. As always eat lots and lots of cupcakes!

6.  Use the best sunscreen. We choose this one!
We love it!

Hope this helps a little if you are in Texas or in the south!

Tomorrow is Friyay!!

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