How to be a good mom.

Yes you read right in this post me, a mom of one, will teach you how to be a good mom!
Funny right! Have you ever searched on google " how to be a good mom".
As a new mom I confess to searching it a few times. 
Reading many posts the first few months as I had no idea what I was doing. Was I feeding her too much? Was she peeing the correct amount of oz? Was she sleeping enough? Was her crying normal?

I searched it all. Even read a few Pinterest post on how to be a better mom. Yup, those post with all the pretty pictures.

On my defense I will say that our first few months were short of easy. 
Bella was hospitalized at 3 weeks old from a high (102) fever that came out of nowhere and ever since that day I criticized my every decision. I searched and searched on how to do things right and at the end I was always left wondering if I had done it correct.

So today I have decided to put up a list of 4 tips to help every new mom.
You ready for them? Grab a pen!

1. God chose you. Not the mom next door. Not the mom that looks like she's got it all together. No! HE chose YOU! There are no such things as coincidence. God has it planned out for you! Always for your good. Always!

2. You know what's right for you baby/kid or teenager. You are their mom and none knows them better than you! As much as a cliche as it sounds you grew them inside of you. So trust the God given sense. That sense, that is there from day one and I can tell you from experience it only gets stronger.

3. You got this! Yes you do! So own it! This is your time! This is your moment. You probably wont get it right the first time or maybe the second but your child will love you just the same, or even more because you are showing them you can pick yourself up!

4. And lastly pray! Pray as hard as you can! Pray in the morning. Pray during lunch. Pray before bedtime. Pray Pray.  Pray. Remember that the more you pray the better it gets! 

As moms we will always be unsure on how and if we are doing it right and no amount of experience can change that.  I thought I knew it all! How to do it, what creams where best, what diapers to use, everything from bottles to sleeping schedules. I had done it all. After having our home daycare for a total of 4 years  I had it all down and planned, and then Bella came and she changed every idea I had about motherhood and babies. 

The  2 years worth of diapers we bought gave her a rash. The 16 bottles we had in different sizes she wanted nothing to do with. The 4 sets of pacifiers we had so carefully bought in the colors of our choice, she hated.
 But we got the hang of it. We are 18 months in and we are learning every single day but we got it now! We own it now!
 We know her and she knows us! 
And one day, all of this and every single other thing that may happen in the near future will all be funny. Funny stories you will remember forever
 Lesson learns and notches in our belts!

So be you! Be the mom God made you out to be.

Hope this post made you laugh a little and also re-assured you, you are doing it right!
Happy Tuesday!

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