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Happy Friday!!
Hope you are all having a great morning so far!
While everyone is off at the Nordstrom Sale I have a few items to share with you about another sale.
I will have a post about some of the Nordstrom items that I do recommend buying but I don't want to take too much time since most of those items are off the budget I have told myself I want to stay in.

Now to the H&M sale!!
I have linked up a few items I love and have in my cart!

Let me know what you think of this lookbook or if you prefer the graph better!
I will be checking out my local H&M tomorrow so make sure you have your notifications set on Instagram!

Enjoy your Friday!


5 Summer Hairstyles

 *This post contains some affiliate links. With a purchase from these links a small commission can be made, which helps keep this blog running. Thank you for your support*

Blouse/ Shorts/ Shoes / Bag

 If you have long thick hair like I do, you probably spend your summer in ponytails or anything that involves having your hair up and out of your face.
So I round it up some styles that I'm loving that are quick and easy.

To all of these you can add cute hair accessories like these and the summer earrings everyone is rocking. I'm usually wearing these almost every days.


1. Love how easy this one is, and the fact that it's not a regular bun.

2. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I love this one. I would never have tried something like this, but I will definitely add it to my list this week.

3.The braided bun I have done more times than I can count and I'm willing to admit.
Easy peasy and on the plus side, you always look put together.
Source/ Video
4. The good old sock bun never goes out of fashion and now you can add a beautiful handkerchief and rock it.

5.Lastly, because I can't be a hair post without my girl, Abby, and this one is a one- in- four post. She has included 4 braid tutorials in one. I love a good braid as it keeps the hair away from my face and off my neck! 

What hairstyles do you wear over the summer?

Tools for Summer Saving on Everything!

It's obvious I love shopping, but more than that, I love myself a good deal.
No matter what I'm buying I search and search whether online or in store I make sure I'm getting the best bang for my buck.

This spring we had our patio refinished and added a roof to our pergola and made it summer ready by adding a fan, TV and lights.

 In our efforts to complete it and still be under budget we reached out to Jet and were surprised by everything we found. Now our patio is not quite finished but I got to say I'm loving it thus far.

When I went to their website I was ready to get everything, including food, toiletries, and makeup, guys, makeup at a really great price but I honestly did my happy dance when I found....

These beauties....

If you follow us on Instagram, you have probably seen Bella swinging her afternoons away in this gorgeous swing we got in Guatemala, so when I saw the swings above I knew we had to have them.

Sent them to the hubby and he approved and to the cart the went. Shipping is free over $35 and we received out items in less that the stated time.

Now, being completely honest I have seen these before on various websites but I was happy to find them under $50. I was even able to purchase a few makeup products that I was needing for the hot summer days all less than $100.

Now I'm off to shop for frames, pillows and even a side table.

But if you want to join the fun and check out all that Jet has to offer, be sure to click the link below and use code SAVE15 to have extra savings.

New customers only. Min. $35 in eligible merchandise per order required. Max. discount $20 per order. Offer expires 9/1/2017 at 12:00 AM PST; if any of your first 3 orders are not placed by this date, they are not eligible for the discount. Excludes products marked as ineligible for promotion on the product display page. Offer cannot be applied to previous orders and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Offer is subject to change or cancellation. Void where prohibited. Brand, category and other restrictions may apply


Purse Emergency Kit

Lately, I've been talking about what I  carry in my Mom Tote and how it makes our lives easier and today I want to share what I carry in my emergency kit bag.

I know what you are thinking,  another bag?! But having these really saves my sanity and as soon as you see what this one include you are going to have to agree.

So now, where do I carry this bag?
I put his bag in all my purses. Is an easy switch. Instead of transferring item per item I have it all together and is a quick switch. Remember I'm almost always in a rush!

Wipes / Undies / Hair ties / Mascara / Panty Liners / Lotion/ Similar- Bag

Now let's get to the good stuff. What does this bag have?

1. Extra undies and panty liners: We all need this, no matter how old you are. Accidents can happen and our monthly visitor can come and surprise any of us, so being prepared is always good.

2. Sweet Spot Wipes: Like I said, accidents can happen and this helps, and smell amazing. Honestly, even if you know exactly when your monthly visitor will come the heat, gym or with every day mom craziness you will use these up and fast. You can find these at your local Walmart or order them online. Sweet Spot also offers a body wash that's sulfate free and leaves you whole body smelling great!

3. Hair ties, earrings, and bobby pins: Basically every small item a girl needs. I have a lot of hair and not all hair ties work but these hold my hair whether dry or wet. Earrings are a must for me all day every day, and these match with your accessories and are cheap. I'm always in need of any of theses at any time of the day.

4. Lotion and sanitizer: Really any brand but I always have one on hand same as the sanitizer.

5.Mascara: Because I can be without makeup all day long but not without mascara.  I have two that I can't
live without. I use the Loreal for every day use and the Too Faced for nights. I love that both give me exactly what I need.

What are must haves on your emergency list?

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